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Wally Cantu, Executive Director Phone: 956-507-4880 E-mail:
Belinda Garcia, Chief Financial Officer Phone: 956-507-4850 E-mail:
Dr. Ruben Martinez, PCMH/Clinical Medical Director Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Mary Alice Guerrero, MBA Director of Human Resources Phone: 956-507-4859 E-mail:
Oscar Lopez, Director of Education Phone: 956-245-1604 E-mail:
Dora A. Martinez, PCMH/Administrative Medical Director Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Peter Coronado, Linkage to Care Director Phone: 956-507-4828 E-mail:


Rachel Rodriguez, PCMH/Medical Case Management Administrator Phone: 956-507-4876 E-mail:
Lizette Saenz, Comptroller Phone: 956-507-4814 E-mail:
Lionel Quiroga Jr., Data Manager Phone: 956-507-4810 E-mail:
Jaime Rebeles, Staff Nurse Phone: 956-507-4815 E-mail:
Alice Beltran, Project Coordinator Brownsville Phone: 956-541-2600 E-mail:
Darius Cade, Project Coordinator McAllen Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Norma Villafranca, Finance Coordinator Phone: 956-507-4860 E-mail:
Joe Garza, Facilities Manager Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
DeeOnda Ahadi, Development Coordinator Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:


Enery Mendoza, Medical Case Manager Phone: 956-507-4817 E-mail:
Ramon Torres, Medical Case Manager Coordinator Phone: 956-507-4819 E-mail:
Maria G. Gonzalez, Medical Case Manager Phone: 956-507-4821 E-mail:
Sandra Diaz, Eligibility Phone: 956-507-4825 E-mail:
Olga Gomez, ADAP Specialist Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Juan Emilio Villarreal, ADAP Specialist Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Nora Flores, Medical Case Manager Phone: 956-507-4884 E-mail:
Roy Rutledge, Medical Case Manager Phone: 956-507-4877 E-mail:
Loriza Garza, Medical Case Manager Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Melanie Reyna, Medical Case Manager Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Pedro Jimenez, HEI Case Manager Phone: 956-990-8952 E-mail:
Jantzen Ochoa, HEI Case Manager Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:


Melissa Bunce, P.A. Phone: 956-507-4815 E-mail:
Mark Villarreal, LVN Phone: 956-507-4815 E-mail:
Rafael Kirkpatrick, Pharmacy Phone: 956-507-4861 E-mail:
Ester Castillo, RMA Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Joey Muñoz, RMA Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Linda Martinez, Medical Assistant Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Elaine Velasquez, Medical Assistant Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Adrian Vargas III, Medical Assistant Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Beatrice Treviño, LVN Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Victoria Mena, Scribe Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Effie Garza, Medical Records Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
JoAnna Oviedo, Data Entry Clerk Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Kari Estes, Dental Hygienist Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Crystal Barrios, Registered Dental Assistant Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Dr. Anthony Maggio, Dentist Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:


Marlen Sanchez, Accounts Payable / Accounts Receivable Phone: 956-507-4826 E-mail:
Aldanely Bautista, Billing Phone: 956-507-4848 E-mail:
Deborah Castañeda, Accounting Clerk Phone: 956-507-4842 E-mail:
Joe G. Garza, Transportation Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Luis G. Lopez, Transportation Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Saul Ramirez, Information Technology Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:
Diego H. Huerta, Special Projects Administrative Assistant Phone: 956-507-4844 E-mail:
Jessica Martinez, Receptionist Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Michelle Rojas, Receptionist Phone: 956-428-2653 E-mail:


Jaymes Miramontes, RRS I Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Mario Prazelini, RRS I Phone: 956-541-2600 E-mail:
Jose Colon-Uvalles, RRS I Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Ricky Prieto, RRS I Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Armando Molina, CLEAR Specialist Phone: 956-541-2600 E-mail:
Adrian Castellanos, RRS I Phone: 956-668-1155 E-mail:
Adrian Aguilar, HIV/STI Substance Abuse Specialist I Phone: 956-541-2600 E-mail:
Ruben Patlan Jr, Community Mobilization Coordinator / RRS I Phone: 956-426-2653 E-mail:


Miguel Garcia, Linkage to Continuum Care Specialist Phone: 956-202-5040 E-mail:
Crystal Vasquez, Linkage to Continuum Care Specialist Phone: 956-507-4888 E-mail:
Josie Flores, Linkage to Continuum Care Specialist Phone: 956-507-4890 E-mail: